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Ardura Studio Pottery

Ardura studio produces a range of simple handsome and functional ceramic wares intended for everyday use. All pieces are handthrown using either porcelain or stoneware clays and high fired in a gas kiln.

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Bandon Pottery

For more than 30 years Jane Forrester of Bandon Pottery has designed and produced, with a small team of helpers, uniquely colourful high-fired stoneware pots, renowned for their durability and timeless style. Now her extensive list of stoneware products includes functional tableware for casual or formal dining, pots for storage, cooking serving of food, lamps, oil burners, candlesticks and more...

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Dunbeacon Pottery

Combining quality in craftsmanship with inspirational and modern designs, Helen Ennis' collection of functional pottery is a must see when visiting West Cork. Every single piece of Dunbeacon Pottery is handmade and finished to the highest standard. Drawing on inspiration from the surrounding landscape, Helen creates pieces that perfectly capture the essence of Ireland's Southwest coastal region...

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Julian Smith

Julian Fullerton Smith has been working with clay for well over 20 years. After training in Scotland and Wales, he moved to Ireland in 1995. Initially he lived in Galway but soon discovered Kinsale, and established his own studio there in 1996.

Julian has established himself as one of Ireland's foremost Raku artists. Raku is a technique originating in Japan in the sixteenth century, in which work is rapidly fired and removed from the kiln when glowing red-hot. The piece is then placed in a container with combustible materials creating striking colours using metallic oxides. The charm of Raku lies in its use of primitive materials which nevertheless can produce highly sophisticated results.

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Kinsale Pottery

Kinsale Pottery and Arts Centre specialises in pottery, glass fusing, stained glass, jewellery-making, mosaic-making and other crafts. We run weekly morning and evening classes, weekend breaks, summer schools and tailor-made workshops for corporate groups and private parties. We can accommodate up to 20 people in one class and up to 50 in a group, or as few as two or three at a time. All our courses suit beginners, enthusiasts and professionals, using a wide range of facilities and techniques, and all dates, times and prices, along with detailed course descriptions can be found at www.kinsaleceramics.com

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Mairi Stone Ceramics

Mairi Stone produces ceramics which are designed to fill a unique space in your life and in your home. Everything is individually designed and hand built. Whether it is a studio piece or a private commission, all of Mairi's work is designed to show the kaleidoscopic variety of nature's organic forms and structures.

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Robert Lee Ceramics

Robert Lee is a contemporary Irish ceramic artist in the 21st century, and his influences are boundless, past and present. His quest for a personal, ceramic aesthetic has been deeply influenced especially by equally valuing materials, making, and function.

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Rossmore Country Pottery

Rossmore Pottery is a family run business established over 25 years ago by Jim Turner and Etain Hickey, producing ranges of practical domestic stoneware, decorated bowls, limited editions of one-off pieces and sculptural ceramics. The work in the pottery is constantly evolving.

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Sara Roberts Ceramics

Sara Roberts, ceramicist lives and works in a secluded valley, on the coast near Kinsale. She is well known for her porcelain wall pieces depicting the natural environment, particularly western coastlines...


Shehy Mountain Pottery

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