Food is perhaps the most tangible expression of the Fuchsia brand philosophy. Food in West Cork is about the pursuit of quality, it's about place, it's about the relationship between producers, suppliers and the consumer and it's about supporting and developing a local food network that is internationally recognised and distinguishable from the competition.

West Cork can comfortably lay claim to being at the culinary heart of Ireland. The region has a rich food culture, founded on the dedication of local producers to consistently deliver fresh, high quality produce and endorsed by a discerning public who choose the best of what West Cork has to offer time after time.

Whether you're meandering your way through a bustling farmers market, nosing about the local butchers or greengrocers or sitting down to a meal in one of the many exquisite restaurants or traditional pubs your taste buds are sure to delight at the impressive variety on display and the lush aromas gently wafting your way. And then, just when you think you've sampled the lot - Seafood. Smoked salmon, mackerel and oysters, scallops, tuna and  prawns, mussels, crab and baby octopus, Catch-of-the-Day, seafood platter, chowder - the list goes on.

So, when it comes time to place your order "ask for local, ask for Fuchsia".

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